Ini yang Namanya Pesta Anak…

Featured Image for Humorous photo series shows us what being a parent actually looks like

Anyone who has ever had kids can attest that parenthood is a difficult but rewarding aspect of life. New Jersey-based photographer Danielle Guenther perfectly captures this beautiful kind of chaos in her series ‘Best Case Scenario’.

In her ongoing series, Guenther meets with various parents to find out their parenting stories, from sleepless nights with the baby to mayhem at the grocery. She then recreates these everyday life scenarios through her photos, revealing the unglamorous side of parenthood in a humorous way. ‘So many parents love supporting the realism behind parenting and finding a comedy in it all’, Guenther tells The Huffington Post. ‘Parents really do have the best sense of humor behind closed doors!’

Guenther says that the photos reflect her own experience as a mother and that parents should embrace the chaos that is raising kids. ‘Because some day you’ll look into to your son or daughter’s eyes and see them at 4-years-old…10….18…and want one small moment back’.

Via Life Buzz

best case scenario 2


best case scenario 4


best case scenario 7


best case scenario 6


best case scenario 8


best case scenario 10


best case scenario 11


best case scenario



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